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We work with the products and services you already use.

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 With VisitDays, CRM integrations are simple. In order to map your particular CRM, we only need a few pieces of information to handle the synchronization.

Our API supports one-way or two-way synchronization of VisitDays data to your CRM, and we ensure duplicate IDs and every possible security factor is considered so that you data is accurate and secure.

Our customers can successfully integrate with any CRM, including Salesforce, Hobsons and Ellucian.

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Connecting prospective students with you and your admissions team is at the core of VisitDays, but coordinating times and staff can present a challenge.

VisitDays works with the personal, digital calendars and team communication platforms you already use, like Outlook and Google Calendar.


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Marketing Automation

Do you currently use a marketing automation platform to manage drip emails, social media campaigns or A/B test landing pages?

Keep your messaging consistant and connected to the most recent prospective student data by integrating directly with VisitDays.

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A Dedicated Team By Your Side

Eastern Kentucky University

“VisitDays provided a dedicated project manager, leading the effort from project kickoff to final deliverables. They coordinated all the moving pieces and key stakeholders to ensure the proper decisions were made. It was a breeze!”


tricia radford

Tricia Radford

CRM Specialist

When was the last time a software demo sparked excitement?

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